Ray Keith gets ready for New Year’s Eve party

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Bring in the New Year with the biggest dance event in the area. Freekie is running a huge New Year’s Eve event at the University of Essex. Ray Keith, one of the many DJs on the night, is really looking forward to performing at the party.

Ray Keith Fact File:

– Born in Colchester
– Started DJing dance music in 1989.
– Performed first professional gig at Oscars in Clacton.
– Went on to DJ at raves held at The Venue (now Curve Bar) and The Hippodrome (now Liquid).
– In 1992, he remixed tracks from Moby, Shades of Rhythm, St. Etienne and Orbital.
– Started his own label in 1994, called Dread Recordings.
– In 2003, he set up his own DJ agency, called Dread Entertainment Agency.
– He now has shows on Vibe FM and Kiss FM and makes his own music.

How excited are you about this event?

I played for Freekie earlier this year. Their gigs are sound and are also outstanding production wise.

How will this event be different?

The sound at Freekie will be Jungle, Dub and Drum and Bass, with a touch of very heavy base. The production and sound will totally transform the Uni – it will be unrecognisable. These guys put a lot of work into their parties, which really benefits the crowd.

Do you think Colchester still has a strong appetite for this kind of music?

I was born and bread in colchester. Growing up, I was mentored by Dave Malone, Buster Brooker and Sir Marcus Lee. I got my first break at Oscars in Clacton and L’Aristos in Colchester. A lot of talent has come out of Colchester, such as Dave Lee, Conan, myself and The Prodigy. I have stayed true to what I believe in, hence why we are at the Uni and the following for the event is still very strong.

Do you think this kind of event will bring back a hunger for big music nights in the town, like the good old days when the Prodigy used to take over night-clubs?

Hopefully it will inspire another generation to do this kind of thing.

What can people look forward to on the night?

Quality music, fantastic sound and production and an amazing midnight experience.

What will make it special?
Playing and being in my home town

What else are you doing at the moment?

I have my own band: “Renegade, featuring Ray Keith Live”, and I also have tracks on general release.

How amazing was it for you to work with Moby, Shades of Rhythm, St. Etienne and Orbital?

I have been very blessed and humbled to work with big artist over the years. It was fantastic to be able to remix work from other artists with my own blue-print of drum and bass.

Where are you based now? Colchester, London or elsewhere?

London – just on the outskirts. Its calm, tranquil and quiet.

What would you like to see changed in Colchester’s music scene, to make it better?

More DJs playing records and dub-plates as I do to inspire new DJs.

How big will this event be for Essex?

I think Freekie will set the standard and hopefully people will follow and spread the love about – BIG IN THE GAME AND BAD ASS BASS.

Read our interview with the organisers.


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