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REVIEW: Open 4 at Slack Space

The fourth open exhibition at Slack Space was unveiled on Wednesday 26th October, featuring artwork from a range of new, up-and-coming local artists. Ellie Pullen headed down there to view the brand new collection.

Dahlia Ghassan

Slack Space does an excellent job of portraying a range of media and allowing the differences in creativity from the artists to shine. The exhibition features photography, watercolours, 3D models and digital photographic prints, among other forms.

The artworks showcase a diverse take on life, society and everyday occurrences. One of the artists featured, Joanna Rose Tidey, has used dead insects to create her art; including a 3D model of a house, with an insect encased in each tiny clear ‘brick’. She describes the work as an exploration of “nature and human intervention”.

“Examples of this are insects. We co-exist within a space, they get accidentally contained,” Joanna said. “They struggle to get free from the containers we live in and those not lucky enough to escape, accumulate.”

Adrian Mills

The exhibition features a mix of light hearted and dark artwork. Sarah Sage’s photography, for instance, is “an exploration of loneliness and loss” and shows captured moments of forgotten objects, in dusty, abandoned buildings.

Adrian Mills, however, describes his work as “childlike” – bright, colourful ink drawings of animals that would be fitting in any children’s book.

Open 4 will be running until 12th November at Slack Space, Colchester.

Joanna Rose Tidey


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